Svakom Vick Flexible Control Prostate Massager Details

Extreme P-spot pleasure is yours with Vick, a remote control prostate massager with two powerful internal motors. Thrumming with 35 vibration combos that pleasure the P-spot and perineum, Vick lets you play your way or pass the controller to your partner. Crafted from silky silicone with a maximum girth of 3. 5 inches, Vick curves 3. 5 inches inside you and vibes against your P-spot. Its shaft tapers to a 1. 75 inch girth where it meets the base, making it comfortable to wear and totally safe for anal play. Vick's mighty motors can be controlled using the button on its base or the handy remote control. Cycle through 7 thumping vibration modes with 5 intensities each to discover the one that sends you spiralling into overdrive. There's even an extra vibration setting, Intelligent Mode, designed to take pleasure over the top. Use Vick to explore solo pleasure or alongside your partner to add deep delights to foreplay and sex. You can use Vick absolutely anywhere thanks to the waterproof, USB rechargeable design. Get the most from Vick's vigorous potency with a splash of water-based anal lubricant.


Color(s): Black

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