Evolved Novelties Smart Foaming Sex Toy Cleaner Details

Smart Foaming Sex Toy Cleaner by Evolved Novelties

Host a foam party for your penis pumps, masturbators, vibrators, cock sheaths, and other adult products with this smart antibacterial sex toy cleaner from Evolved Novelties.  It can be used with different sex toy materials and excellent for textured and asymmetrical toys. This expanding foam gets into every nook and cranny to ensure a spotless clean. Nothing is more important to your toy than proper hygiene, and this Advanced Smart Cleaner will keep them bacteria-free, sanitized, and disinfected. 

Smart Foaming Sex Toy Cleaner Features
  • Remove unwanted bacteria and dirt from your favorite sex toys with its gentle but thorough cleansing action
  • This Smart Foaming Sex Toy Cleaner from Evolved Novelties makes sex toy maintenance so convenient and easy
  • Advanced antibacterial sex toy cleaning formula to keep your toys sanitary and durable all the time
  • Smart foam spray expands on contact to thoroughly clean textured toys, including every nook and cranny
  • 100% compatible with all sex toy materials including latex, plastic, Cyberskin, silicone, and rubber
  • Smart Foaming Cleaner will keep toys bacteria free, sanitized, and disinfected until your next use
  • Pour ample amount in a damp cloth and start rubbing your toy gently - rinse with warm water and you're good to go!


Cleaning your sex toy products thoroughly and correctly gives you a better chance of preventing bacterial or viral harm to your body. You wouldn't wish to get sick or ill just because you forgot to clean up after yourself.  Cleaning only takes a minute or two and since buying an antibacterial sex toy cleaner is inexpensive, it should be a must in your drawers or nightstand.


You need to be equally as serious about the upkeep and cleanliness of your male enhancement products as you are about using the sex toys themselves.


Directions for Use
  • Pump desired amount of Smart Foaming Cleaner onto a clean damp cloth
  • Gently scrub to the toy's surface, battery cap, and threads thoroughly
  • After lathering, carefully rinse with clean and warm water



Weight: 295g

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