Master Series Expander Inflatable Anal Plug with Removable Pump Details

Take anal play to the next level with the Expander Inflatable Anal Plug. This innovative design consists of a classic expanding butt plug with an integrated medical style hand pump, which can be removed once you have reached your desired size. Once removed, the plug is designed to keep its size until you are satisfied. Features an easy release valve for quick deflation. 

Product dimensions: 11 inches in total length; Deflated: 5 inches insertable, 1.5 inches diameter; Inflated: 7 inches insertable, 4 inches diameter

Recommended Use: Anal play

Material: Latex, rubber, metal

Cleaning & Care: We recommend thoroughly cleaning with warm water and soap. 

Recommended Lubes: We recommend using a water-based lube when using this product. 

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