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Evacuate the tensions on your body with the luxurious ADORI massage stones and fully enjoy your intimate and passionate moments. Discover the perfect combination of relaxation and sensuality and venture up the hills and gentle plains of your partner's body with an erotic and sensual massage. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable massage in addition to reducing the pressure on your joints. The stones fit into the palms of either hand and the pressure is put on them instead of your hands making it very easy to give a longer massage. ADORI comes in 3 different sizes of massage stones designed to target different muscles and apply different pressures. 

Included: ADORI stones (3 set), chic and discreet storage pouch, an informative and comprehensive booklet, and authenticity certificate.

Recommended Use:  External massage 

Materials: Porcelain (non-toxic and non-porous)

Waterproof: Yes

Powered: No

Harness Compatible: No

Cleaning & Care:  Clean thoroughly with soap & water, Toy Cleaner safe

Recommended Lubes: Water based or Silicone based lubes can be used with this product. 

***Note: This product is hand crafted in Montreal and is shipped directly from Canada. Once your order has been placed, please allow  7 - 10 days for delivery.***

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