Cal Exotics Rechargeable EZ Electric Penis Pump Kit Optimum Series by Cal Exotics Details

The Optimum Series cock pumps have quickly become one of the hottest series of enhancement pumps out today.  The latest release in this collection, the Rechargeable EZ Pump could quite possibly be the best one yet.  This cock pump Kit is the perfect selection of enhancement products for men looking to have a better time in bed. As a no-frills type pump, it doesn't have a ton of functions to impress, the raw power and effectiveness will be enough to convince you.

This powerhouse of a pump is constructed from premium quality material which helps guarantee it last a lifetime.  Housed in the top portion of the pump is a powerful multifunction motor which powers the vacuum suction inside the cylinder.  The automatic pump cylinder is made from a crystal clear acrylic with black accents which is designed to help you measure your erections. 


Rechargeable EZ Electric Penis Pump Kit Features


  • A powerful no-frills dick pump and silicone cock ring kit for men seeking bigger erections
  • Easy to use 2 button user interface with quick air release and fast power mode
  • 100% rechargeable with the included USB cable
  • Includes a soft and stretchy silicone cock ring
  • Cylinder and silicone sleeve combo creates the perfect air-tight seal for even greater erection improvements
  • Helps create thicker and harder erections with improved sexual stamina
  • Largest LED available on any penis pump
  • One handed push button control
  • Easy to use safety release valve


Forget the batteries because this automatic EZ pump is 100% rechargeable with the included USB charging cable.  It takes a mere 2 hours to fully charge this beast and it will keep pumping for over 3 hours.  With a simple 2 button interface, you can quickly pump and release quickly and effectively.

At the base of the pump cylinder is the 2.5'' wide mouth opening with rounded off edges for a comfortable fit.  To make this unit the total package, slide on the pure silicone comfort donut over the mouth of the pump for an even more comfortable and effective pumping experience. Add a little bit of water-based lube to this silicone donut to make getting in an easier experience.  This also helps ensure a perfect air-tight seal on your penis.

Because cock rings are so important to penis pumping, the people at Cal Exotics decided to throw in a soft stretchy silicone cock ring.  This ring is a teardrop-shaped erection ring which a slot for your shaft and balls.  This ring when worn properly will work with the dick pump to help you achieve harder and bigger erections.

Clean up is a cinch since this device easily comes apart and goes back together again.  Use your favorite sex toy cleaner and wash off with warm water.


    What's in the box
    • Advanced rechargeable EZ electric penis pump
    • 1 soft and stretchy universal penis pump sleeve donut
    • 1 pure silicone erection enhancing cock ring
    • USB charging cable
    • Product instructions and warranty card


    Rechargeable EZ Electric Penis Pump Size
    • Cylinder Length - 8'' (20.25 cm)
    • Cylinder Width - 2.5'' (6.25 cm)
    • Sleeve Length - 2.75'' (6.98 cm)
    • Sleeve Width - 2.75'' (6.98 cm)


    Weight: 544g

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    Top reviews of the Cal Exotics Rechargeable EZ Electric Penis Pump Kit Optimum Series by Cal Exotics

    April 30, 2022

    Updated April 30, 2022

    Material 3.5
    Price/Performance 4
    Ease of Use 5
    Suction Effect 5
    Orgasm Rating 3.5
    Noise 2.5
    Ease of Cleanup 4
    Style 4
    Durability 4
    Packaging 3.5
    Couples' play 5
    Battery usage 3
    Weight 4
    Overall Satisfaction 4
    Gets you going

    This unit really helps get you primed up for the event, noticeable erection enhancement. Easy to use, clean, and handles decent sized units.


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