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This Fleshlight has been molded from this porn star's butt. The texture has been developed specifically as her signature texture. + ready for travel in an instant: with the robust case you do not need a separate bag + waterproof - can be used under the shower or in the tub + quick and easy cleaning: take out the sleeve, clean it and put it back to the case for thorough drying. You may want to use the Fleshlight renewing powder to avoid the surface getting sticky after time + Extendable: besides other inserts, there are accessories like the shower mount suction pad for secure mounting on all flat surfaces, the vibrating bullet or the sleeve warmer. Hints: some sleeves come with, some without a stabilising bar inside. Please check and remove the bar. Put the sleeve into warm water before use for an even more realistic feeling! to reduce noise, open the small cap at the end and let some air in. With this scap you also control the suction effect. Use your Fleshlight always and only with water based lubricant, like the Fleshlube water. After use, clean it with warm water and shake off excess water. Apply Fleshlight wash for disinfection (optional, not required and let dry for approx. 12 hours, E.G. In the open case. If you do not use Fleshlight renewing powder, the surface may get sticky after time. This does not mean a loss of quality or functionality and will disappear once lubricant is applied.

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