DOMINIX Deluxe Large Stainless Steel Faux Fur Animal Tail Butt Plug Details

Let your animal instincts overcome you with this faux fur tail from DOMINIX Deluxe. A 12 inch tail covered in a thatch of thick fur, the butt plug ensures perfect placement of your sensory accessory, while adding some titillating stimulation of its own. Silky smooth, durable and non-porous, the cool and weighty sensation of a steel plug inside can't be beat. The larger proportions of this plug make it a must for medium to advanced users looking for a toy that offers maximum pleasure with minimal effort. Plus, thanks to the conductivity of metal (thanks physics!) it can be heated up or cooled down for anybody keen on experimenting with temperature play. Slick the plug with lubricant before playtime begins for easy insertion and safe use.


Color(s): Black

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