Oxballs Sacksling 2 | Dual Cocksling & Ball Stretcher Details

Oxballs Sacksling 2 Cock & Ball Enhancement Device


Introducing the Sacksling 2 Cock and ball enhancement device by Oxballs.  Now if you are not familiar with Oxballs, I am here to tell you they are one of the premier manufacturers of male enhancement devices that work, guaranteed.  Like the original, the Sacksling 2 is a cocksling/cock ring that is connected to a ball stretcher weight system that will make your package feel great and look huge.  Once inside of this soft sling, you will notice how much larger your package looks, inside of clothes and out.  


Sacksling 2 Features


  • Makes the size of your cock and balls look massive while wearing under your pants
  • Enjoy dual pleasure from the stretching of your balls & gentle squeeze from the added weight
  • Stretches to fit comfortably over most size packages
  • Designed to hug the shaft and balls tightly to increase your size and sensitivity
  • The tight cocksling makes your shaft thicker and girthier
  • Prolongs ejaculation during sex for longer lovemaking
  • Can easily be worn for long periods of time
  • Made from ultra-soft and stretchy SuperFLEX tpr
  • Now made thinner for more enjoyment
  • Drain holes in the balls to slide electrosex contacts in for an electrifying good time
  • Use with water-based lubricant only
  • Phthalate-Free | Latex-Free | Non-Toxic


The Sacksling 2 is stronger, softer, and has even more stretch than the original bad boy. This redesigned sack grips the base of your penis with a built-in sling and fits your balls like a thick, squishy glove. Add a small amount of water-based lube to the inside and slide right in.  Once you are in, you will feel the squishy sack rubbing your nuts.  Amazing to say the least! This enhancement device is often worn under tight pants for a bigger, beefier package.

The Sacksling 2 is everything great about the original but made it even more lightweight and flesh-like for a more comfortable experience.  This is truly designed to be worn for longer periods of time without all of the annoying chafe or discomfort.

Just like the original, it has a built-in cockling that turns into a slick, stretchy sack for your balls to fit nicely in...guaranteed your nuts have never experienced anything like this.

No matter if you want to have better sex or just wearing around town to watch everybody's eyes go wide, the Oxballs Sacksling 2 is the toy for you.

Lube it up inside and out, put your penis through the front hole and drop your balls inside the bottom sack and you're ready to rock and roll.  Whether you have high and tight nuts or heavy hangers, this thing will grip your balls like a rubbery second skin.

Some guys even put on a ball stretcher before they stuff their ballbag in to keep their sack stretched and kept in place in their new rubbery home.

Each nut has a drainage hole that doubles as a contact opening for electro contact points, not for the faint of heart.

Because this enhancer is made from soft SuperFLEX tpr, you should only ever use it with water-based lube.  Other types of lubricants will damage the toy.  Always clean after use. We recommend a good anti-bacterial toy cleaner to get the job done.


Sacksling Size 
  • Main Hole Circumference - 6'' (15.24 cm)
  • Overall Circumference - 9'' (22.86 cm)
  • Ball Hole Circumference - 4'' (15.25 cm)


Weight: 227g

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