Cal Exotics Max Results Penis Pump Optimum Series Male Enhancement Device by Cal Exotics Details

Reach your max potential with the powerful and effective Max Results Penis Pump for men.  This is an advanced male enhancement system designed to give you the edge and rapidly increase the size of your penis.  Who wouldn't want a thicker, harder, and better penis?  We're talking both flaccid and erect!  Give your partners something to gawk at and friends to be jealous of. The American Pumpers Association said the Max Results Pump had a “superior pump handle”, and is ready to accommodate your growing penis with 9.25 inches of length and a girth 2.25-inch width.

This high-quality enhancement pump offers top-notch, airtight suction to help you reach your maximum penis potential and climb to new heights in both size and pleasure. The newly designed, master grip finger pull hand pump makes increasing the suction on your rod easy. When you've finished pumping for the day, a quick release purge valve releases the pressure on your penis immediately. 

You'll love the view of your harder, longer, and thicker penis through the smoked cylinder. The side of the cylinder features universal incremental measurements so you can keep track of your progress. A flexible air hose allows you to pump effortlessly in all of your favorite positions.

Check out the Max Results Pump Set if you want all of the benefits of the Max Results Pump and then some.  The set includes 2 cylinders and a detachable pump! 

Max Results Penis Pump Size


  • Length - 9.25'' (23.5 cm)
  • Width - 2.25'' (5.7 cm)


Max Results Penis Pump Includes


  • Easy to use precision pump grip
  • Measuring length gauge on side of the cylinder
  • Replaceable silicone comfort sleeve
  • Made from premium materials
  • Designed to last a lifetime


Weight: 476g

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