NassToys Instant Erection Prolonging and Delay Cream Details

Improving your sexual stamina, rock hard erections and the best sex of your life is within reach when you are using the best Male Enhancement Delay Cream available.  Instant Erection Cream delivers exactly what it advertises; strong, hard erections with excellent control.  Once you apply the sex prolonging cream you can stop worrying about things such as premature ejaculation or not achieving full erections. You'll enjoy a mild warming sensation as soon as you apply it to your skin, and thanks to the infusion of 10 percent benzocaine, you'll have the stamina you need for long nights of intense, passionate sex.  To maximize the results of the delay cream, wear a nice silicone cock ring with during use.

Instant Erection Cream is infused with a completely safe over the counter topical numbing ingredient called benzocaine.  Chances are, if you have gone to the dentist, you have had benzocaine in the past.  The numbing agent effectively limits nerve receptivity within a few minutes, helping to prevent premature ejaculation. You'll still love every second of your sex, but you'll finally have the control that you need to provide your partner with incredible orgasms. 

This is a water-based cream, so it's safe to use with pretty much all sex toys and other water-based lubricants. It won't damage condoms, and because this product contains benzocaine, we highly recommend using a condom to prevent it from affecting your partner. So whether you are performing safe sex or not, at least with this delay cream, the choice is yours to make.

Simply apply a dab of Instant Erection Cream to the head and shaft of the penis, wait five minutes for the ingredients to take effect, and put on your favorite type of condom to enjoy unbelievable sex. This is a great way to get stronger erections.  To top off this great sexual enhancer, Nass Toys, the manufacturer has infused this cream with a nice hint of pineapple flavor. That's right if you want, this is completely safe to use during orals sex as well.  Just watch out for the numb tongue!


Benzocaine 10% in a flavored greaseless base containing cetyl alcohol, glycerin, glycerin stearate, methyl paraben, mineral oil, propyl paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearic acid, stearyl alcohol, trolamine and deionized water with flavor


Weight: 23g

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