Tracey Cox Supersex Powerful Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator Details

Explore rapturous stimulation with Tracey Cox's splendid soft feel bullet vibrator. Perfectly pocket-sized and boasting 10 powerful functions to play with, the unique, ultra-squishy liquid silicone is perfect for enhancing intimacy in the bedroom. "The minute you feel this sexy, soft bullet you'll be sold. It's a brilliant all-rounder that ticks every box." - Tracey Cox What really sets this bullet vibrator apart is the unique way it's made – velvet-smooth silicone envelops a layer of marshmallow-soft liquid silicone, so it molds to your body like never before. Use the single button to power through 3 speeds and 7 patterns, perfect for stimulating nipples, the clitoris or the head of the penis. Like all great bullets, this one can be enjoyed anywhere in the world thanks to its whisper-quiet vibes, waterproof design and USB charging. Be sure to slick your bullet with water-based lube for scintillating sensations. An acclaimed sexpert, Tracey is one of the world's foremost writers on sex, body language and relationships. She has starred in prime-time TV shows in the UK, the US and many other countries.


Color(s): Purple

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