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Renegade Stretchy Cock Rings 3 Pack


Renegade by NS Novelties brings to you a classic set of 3 super stretchy and extremely soft cock rings for men.  Enjoy some of the great benefits such as thicker and harder erections as well as building up stamina to last all night long.  There is no downfall to using this cock ring set!  

Experience maximum pleasure for both you and your partner when strapping on each of these rubber cock rings. This set of cock rings includes 3 different colors, clear, black, and blue.  You can pick and choose how you wear them to find your desired effects.  Put them around the base of your erection and see the veins pop out!  If you place a ring around the testicles and shaft of the penis you will see an instant improvement in your sexual stamina.

This really is the perfect set of cock rings for any user whether this is the first time or you are very experienced.  Buy now and see what all the fuss is!

Great addition to any penis pump for longer lasting growth!


  • 1.35'' (3.4 cm)


  • Blue, Black & Clear


  • TPR


Weight: 91g

Contains Silicone: Yes

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