Cal Exotics Packer Gear Hollow Silicone STP Packer 5 Inch Details

Have you been hoping to feel the wind between your knees while you stand tall and let your stream loose? Be free from squatting or sitting to pee with this hollow silicone packer, a 5 inch STP device that slots into a harness to await your call of nature. Boasting a lifelike shape and a 5 inch length, its pronounced head, veiny texture and soft balls mean it looks just like the real thing. With an internal length of 4. 5 inches and a 1 inch diameter across the base of the shaft, this pliable silicone packer can be folded into brief or boxer-style harnesses and pushed through when the time comes. It's also a useful little item to have at festivals or on camping trips.


Color(s): Fleshtone

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