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Abella Danger Main Image
Second tier

AlltheFL reviewed the product Abella Danger

Purchased based strictly on Abella being a GOAT. The fact that it’s her pussy gives it bonus points. It’s not the...

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Spinner Masturbator Series Main Image
Unique Toy!

Bear299 reviewed the product Spinner Masturbator Series

It spins itself as you use it and the spinning is great, but you have to hold it from the top in a way that you...

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Pure Plugs Main Image
Great Plug!

LemonGirl reviewed the product Pure Plugs

Honestly I can’t think of any issues I have with the plug. The material is great, it’s shape it’s favorably, you can...

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Wing Main Image
Great product as a whole but not ideal for short people

LemonGirl reviewed the product Wing

This is a beautiful product. Ideally it would do everything it says it does, but I found it a bit too high for me. I...

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Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo Main Image

This is a fabulously toy and deserves all the hype it gets. It has literally brought me to tears on its first test...

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Pro Penguin NG Main Image
Pretty nice

LemonGirl reviewed the product Pro Penguin NG

This is a super cute toy and is great for someone looking to try out an air pulsating toy for the first time....

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Sassy Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator Main Image
Great toy you probably won’t regret

This really is a great and affordable option if your looking for a vibrator. It’s strong, rumbly, fairly quiet, and...

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Jammy Main Image
Unyielding yet pretty

LemonGirl reviewed the product Jammy

I bought this about a year ago and it’s not my favorite, but it will get the job done if it’s what you’re looking...

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No. 46 Main Image
My First Plug

Bear299 reviewed the product No. 46

This is what I selected as my free prize for WhatToys monthly giveaway. I've never owned a plug before, and thought...

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Flip Hole Masturbator Main Image
Not as good as I had hoped

Bear299 reviewed the product Flip Hole Masturbator

Difficult to put together, doesn't provide much suction, and the gel is too soft, so it just feels like a squishy...

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3D Spiral Masturbator Main Image
Looks Awesome

Bear299 reviewed the product 3D Spiral Masturbator

No one would ever know this is a sex toy. It comes in this neat case that you can leave sitting out and people will...

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Hot Shot Rechargeable Warming Male Masturbator Main Image
Nice for a quick session

With only 3 inches depth, this isn't a normal masturbator. It has heating and some pretty strong vibrations. I...

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Axel Main Image
Test Add Update Frontend

Barraquito reviewed the product Axel

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Clayton Main Image
Second Review!

TroubleUnknownGrade reviewed the product Clayton

2Deutsch / German: Ich kann Glas essen, ohne mir zu schaden. Ruhrdeutsch: Ich kann Glas verkasematuckeln, ohne...

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