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Girls of Social Media Brittanya Razavi Pocket Pussy

Hit like on one @brittanya187 sexy pics while deep inside! Transform your social media fantasy into something real and penetrable with the amazingly life-like masturbator from Doc Johnson. The Girls of Social Media Brittanya Razavi Pocket Pussy Realistic Masturbator is a perfect replica of Brittanya's tight and textured pussy. 

Unbelievably realistic looking because it was molded directly from Brittanya's vagina.  Your favorite social media sensation Brittanya actually went down to the lab to make a mold out of her pussy. This masturbator has a very tight and textured interior that warms to the touch and feels just like the real thing. A completely mind-blowing sex toy that's so detailed from the vaginal lips down to its inner cavities.


Brittanya Razavi UltraSkyn Pocket Pussy Features


  • Made of mind-blowing realistically skin-like UltraSkyn material
  • Feel what it's like to be deep inside glamour model Brittanya Razavi
  • Molded from Brittanya's actual labia, clit, and interior folds
  • Very easy to clean and sanitize
  • Super soft, supple, and comfortable to use 
  • Enjoy a ribbed and textured interior that brings additional stimulation
  • Allows a good squeeze pressure for a tighter pussy experience
  • Designed compact enough to enjoy discreet fun at home or outdoors
  • A completely body-safe sex toy that is latex, phthalate, and cadmium free


This tight-clenched stroker is made of a very realistic skin-like material known as UltraSkyn which is a proprietary blend of TPR that mimics real skin. The high molecular density of these materials allows them to be flexible and resilient. Made with antibacterial Sil-a-Gel formula which is latex, phthalate, and cadmium free. The difference between real and fantasy will begin to blur when you are deep inside of this pocket pussy.

This incredible male masturbator's interior is lined with pleasure-inducing ribs, folds, or pockets so you'll feel a realistic texture of pleasure with every plunge. Worried if you're too big or small? No problem! Brittanya's pocket pussy is tight but stretchy enough to fit men with any penis size. Doc Johnson made @brittanya187's stroker with an antibacterial blend of UltraSkyn which cleans easily with an adult toy cleaner. Always keep a sex toy cleaner handy and at your disposal or you can just rinse well under warm and soapy water. Compatible only with water-based lubricants. 

Whether you stan Brittanya Razavi on social media with her 28 million followers or you're just looking for the most realistic pocket pussy you can find, the Girls of Social Media Brittanya Razavi Pocket Pussy Masturbator is top-notch and surely brings you a satisfying sexual experience.


    Realistic @brittanya187 Pocket Pussy Material  

    • Handcrafted UltraSkyn UR3 Anti-bacterial Sil-a-gel formula infused TPE
    • Molded directly from Instagram star @brittanya187
    • Expertly made in the USA


    @brittanya187 ULTRASKYN Pocket Pussy Size  

    • Overall Length - 5.75'' ( cm)
    • Overall Width - 3'' (7.62 cm)
    • Insertable Length - 5.25'' ( cm)


    Weight: 340g

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