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This toy's sure got some bite to it. Once you make it past this dragon's intimidating, yet forgiving teeth, you're in for a treat!

Let the fangs stroke you as you press past them for an intense sensation that gives way to this muzzle's bold inner texturing. Slide yourself in even further to get the full sensation of the mouthed exterior tickling your outsides while its bumpy, grooved interior sends shivers down your spine as you grip even tighter until you can't resist any longer.

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#10 in Masturbators / Strokers
4.37 avg from 3 ratings
4.23 avg Brand rating

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Top reviews of the Bad Dragon Duke's Muzzle

Material 5
Price/Performance 4
Ease of Use 5
Suction Effect 4.5
Orgasm Rating 3.5
Noise 2.5
Lube Efficiency 4
Ease of Cleanup 5
Drying Quickness 3
Texture Intensity 4.5
Texture Stimulation 4.5
Texture Penetration 4.5
Texture Tightness 5
Texture Variation 4.5
Texture Smoothness 5
Style 3.5
Smell 3
Softness 4
Durability 4.5
Discreet 5
Packaging 5
Versatility 4.5
Malleability 4.5
Storage/Hiding 5
Weight 2.5
Overall Satisfaction 5
Great in general, good use

One of my favorites honestly, its easy to handle and is great alone


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