ElectraStim FLUX Dual-Channel Stimulator Kit Details

Turn your BDSM play up to eleven, or 99 if you dare. From Electrastim comes the world’s most versatile electro sex stimulator, featuring 99 intensity levels and 20+ stimulation patterns. For sparky solo play, or shockingly good submission sessions. For those looking to up the ante on their electro-stimulation play, the Flux stimulator kit is just the ticket. The kit includes two electrapads, each with isolated outputs, meaning you can both wear them at different intensity levels. Or deliver diverse electro stimulation to various body parts simultaneously. The stimulator has a range of patterns, for a wide range of sensations. Some of these include: 'Tilt', which allows users to tailor the stimulation simply by tilting the device, 'Microphone', which turns up the sensations via voice control and 'Pulse' which delivers short, sharp pulses for intense play. Flux can be paired with a whole range of Electrastim accessories, from butt plugs, to strap ons, to strokers. Electro stimulation adds a unique twist to your BDSM antics. WARNING: Do not use if you have any kind of heart problem, use a pacemaker, are pregnant, have metallic surgical implants, suffer from epilepsy, if pain exists or you feel unwell. Never use Flux anywhere above the waist. Kit includes: Flux carry case, rechargeable Electrastim dual channel power unit, 2 connecter cables (with 2 x 2mm connector pins), 4 electrapads, USB recharging cable, an instructional booklet and an extended warranty card.


Color(s): Black

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