Adam and Eve Original 2-in-1 Stroker Masturbator Penis Pump Details

Great benefits come from using penis pumps so why not add sexual satisfaction to the list?  You can now masturbate while increasing your penis size.  Pumping just got taken to a whole new level.  Thanks to Adam & Eve, the world famous sexual pleasure brand, the 2 greatest things to happen to your penis just got combined.  

Pumping is a proven method of increasing length, girth, and firmness of erection.  MAsturbation with stamina training sleeves is a proven method of increasing your stamina in the bedroom.  Combine the two and you will become a god in the bed.  You will give your partner pleasure they did not even know was possible.

Included in this package is a full size 8.5 inch penis pump with precision pumping trigger.  This will allow you to get to just the perfect amount of desired pressure.  Over pumping can cause you harm so it is important to be precise.  Also included is an ultra soft realistic feeling male masturbator that fits snuggly inside the pumping cylinder.  The stroker is made from real skin TPE and is lined down the channel with pleasure bumps to add additional stimulation.

Pump Size:

  • 8.5'' Long
  • 2.5'' Wide


Weight: 907g

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