Shockspot Sex Machine - 8 inch Details

The most technologically advanced sexual enhancement tool on the market, the Shockspot 8 Inch Sex Machine has been designed to provide a unique and unsurpassed erotic experience for any and all of its users.

Perfect for both women and men, the ShockSpot is a state-of-the-art, robotic, pleasure system. The system is an “In-Out” machine as well as a “Vibrating” machine that is completely programmable through the ShockSpot Touch and Feel software. Any desired position from lying, kneeling, sitting to standing is accommodated by the ShockSpot. The intuitive, simple to use software and stand-alone remote, high quality materials combined with a design that can collapse into a small carrying case make the ShockSpot truely unique.

The ShockSpot is controlled through the ShockSpot Touch and Feel software. Wireless Bluetooth control is also available so the Shockspot can be controlled with a Smartphone. The software is used to select the desired motion or program for the ShockSpot. The system can be started, stopped and paused through the software, or palm button. The new Shockspot Stand-Alone Remote control (not included) allows the Shockspot to be controlled without a PC. All of the stroke parameters are easily controlled with the hand held unit.

The ShockSpot pleasure systems come with pre-configured motion programs that can be selected and customized if desired. The current programs are: “A Stranger in Town”, “Cyclic Waves”, “Indecision”, “Little Guy”, “Random Strokes”, “Slow Long and Easy” and “The Buildup”. The stroke length (depth), speed and smoothness (acceleration) are configured with sliders on the Touch and Feel software, or, the Stand-Alone Remote control. The pc software also allows the user to select pre-configured programs and customize programs to maximize their pleasure.

The ShockSpot is very versatile as you can use a wide variety of dildos and attachments. A Universal Dildo Adapter is available for purchase which will allow you to use any existing compatible sex toy in addition to the dildo included with your new machine. Also, a Fleshlight Adapter is available for men wanting to use their favorite Fleshlight with the Shockspot. 

Items included: Shockspot Machine, Power Supply and Cable, Palm Switch, USB Cable, Quick Disconnect Attachment, T-Handle Wrench for Assembly, Installation Guide, Vac-U-Loc Attachment, and Dildo. The Shockspot also includes a 5 year warranty. 

Assembling your new sex machine is very simple. Click here for complete instructions to assemble the Shockspot. For the complete product manual, click here.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 16.5 inches (width) x 22 inches (length) x 5.5 inches (height, when folded) Height goes up to 30 inches for use.

Weight: 23 pounds

Stroke Length: 0 to 8 inches

Maximum Thrust: 17.535 pounds 

Maximum Speed: 23.62 inches per second

Software: Shockspot Touch and Feel Software (included)

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