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A hybrid of fantasies collide to make this one incredibly unique, yet pleasurable dildo. Let him claw his way inside you with his pointed tip designed to part you open. Once inside, you'll be introduced to its intensely enjoyable coronal ridge which will instantly bring you to your knees. Slide it in further and discover its signature feature: that tantalizing knot. No matter which of its many features you enjoy most, this toy is sure to leave you begging and panting for more. Make your way over its hump and you'll discover your new friend can be left inside, freeing up your hands for other petting you may be doing.

Kippy the Caline is a Bad Dragon labs winner, created and designed by Quiet269, and rendered by Onissarle. Pick up this perfect hybrid of two worlds, you will be more than happy you did!

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  • Highest ever price: $115

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