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Have you ever wished you could feel the touch of the moon on your hide, smell the scent of prey on the wind, and hear the muted sound of your packmate padding behind you as you hunt? Our David's Sheath may not transform you completely, but it's certainly a step in the right direction of making your shapeshifting fantasy real!

David's Sheath features a covered head, and it mimics our popular “David the Werewolf” toy. The inside is lined with subtle spiraling textures, the outside boasts a thick knot and light vein details, and this sheath even has an opening in the tip of the head to allow your howling passion to escape.

This design was originally created as an Experimental, and received enough feedback and support that we've made it part of our main lineup! We've improved the ballstrap for additional comfort and stability, and we've also smoothed out the inner tip to a more natural angle.

Unleash your feral alter ego, and make this part of your collection!


This accessory will not prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases or infections. It is not a contraceptive device, and will not prevent pregnancy.

David's Sheath is only available in Soft firmness.

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