Lynk Pleasure Products Men's Handy Stroker Sleeve Details

Soft & Stretchy Male Masturbator Stroker Sleeve by Lynk Pleasure

Sometimes you just need a good quick jerk to let off some steam. Sometimes you want a long masturbation session where you blow your load over and over again. Whatever it is that tickles your fancy, the Men's Handy Stroker Sleeve by Lynk Pleasure Products has what you need.  The crystal clear male masturbator is lined with hundreds of ticklers and ribs that are designed to stimulate and tease your penis until you can't take it anymore.  This handheld masturbator is perfect for solo time or gives it to your partner to enhance any handjob. No need to pay a ton of money for a fancy Fleshlight when you can have the best masturbation experience with this inexpensive stroker by Lynk Pleasure.

  • Quick & easy masturbation sleeve for men
  • Designed to be small enough to travel with and equally discreet so nobody knows
  • Made from soft and stretchy TPE for a realistic life-like masturbation experience
  • Stretchy enough to fit most sized penises | Tight light a virgin
  • Enhance any hand job from your partner or a solo jerk off session alone
  • The crystal clear canal is lined with hundreds of ticklers and ribs for intense pleasure and stimulation
  • 100% waterproof so you can enjoy it in the shower, spa, and even jacuzzi
  • Use only with water-based lubricant to keep it in great usable shape
  • The soft penis sleeve contours to the shape of your penis for the ultimate explosive experience
  • Enjoy the best masturbation possible
  • Practice "edging" to enjoy longer more pleasureful sex with your partner
  • Perfect for stamina training and delayed ejaculation

    Carry this portable masturbation sleeve with you wherever you go, the urge to blow a load can hit at any time!  Don't worry, it is discreet enough that it will remain only your business.  When you are ready, use your favorite water-based lubricant and slide your penis into the tight textured canal, and trust for insanely realistic sexual pleasure.  With each thrust, the ticklers will rub your shaft and penis tip for the satisfaction you can only dream of.  To maximize the pleasure and experience always use a water-based lubricant. Before and after each use, you should clean with your favorite sex toy cleaner.


    • Overall Length - 5.4'' (13.72 cm)
    • Sleeve Width - 1.35'' (3.42 cm)


    Weight: 96g

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