Bad Dragon Cockatrice Lil' Squirt Details

Occasionally mistaken for a basilisk due to his small size, the Lil Cockatrice is ready to prove he's just as loaded as his larger counterpart. In his case, small is definitely mighty, and he's eager to show you the slickest ride ever.

Our Lil' Squirt accessories are lube applicators designed to help you prepare for play sessions, and measure approximately 3 inches in length. They're the perfect accessory for those wanting to try out the Cumtube feature, or just need that little extra slick feeling before tackling a new challenge.

All Lil' Squirts include a complimentary syringe and one 2-ounce, travel-sized bottle of lube. If you would like to purchase an 8-ounce, full-size bottle of lube, don't forget to add it to your order before completing checkout!

Lil` Squirts are only available in Firm firmness.

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  • Highest ever price: $40

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