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Abigail Mac has been turning men on for years with her tantalizing range of porn scenes on film and through her own personal webcam, and she may be the star that you cannot get enough of. Her spectacularly erotic scenes include girl-on-girl action that invites you to live out your ultimate fantasies as well as intense scenes with men and with multiple partners. While Abigail Mac has a sweet and even shy charm about her, you can easily treat her right to get her to reveal her inner depths and explosive sexuality to you. If you want to experience what it's like to have sex with the legendary Abigail Mac for yourself, sink your member deep into the exquisite pleasure of the Abigail Mac pocket pussy from Fleshlight.

Abigail Mac is an East Coast girl with a sweet nature and a gorgeous look, making her the kind of girl who you can feel comfortable and relaxed around. However, do not let her good-natured charms fool you. She is explosive in the bedroom or in any other location where you might dream about taking her into your arms and experiencing unforgettable pleasure. Abigail, who also goes by the name FTV Abigail, is a fiery yet petite beauty who stands 5 feet, 2 inches tall. However, while small in size, she packs a curvaceous punch with her D-cup breasts. Originally from Maryland, this adult model and porn star has earned her share of awards and accolades. These include the Twisty's Treat of the Month in September 2014, the Girlsway Girl of the Month in June 2015, and the 2017 XBIZ Award for Best Actress. Other acknowledgments include the ALT Awards for Best Adult Website and Best Tits. In addition, she was honored with two 2016 AVN awards for Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene and for Best Solo/Tease Performance. When you take a closer look at Abigail, you will notice that she has a navel ring as well as a tattoo below the back of her neck.

Many men have fantasies about exploring their most erotic dreams with a sexy goddess like Abigail Mac, but you do not have to leave this experience entirely to your imagination. The Abigail Mac pocket pussy gives you a very realistic experience that is similar to the soft tightness and intense compressions you may feel if you were with Abigail Mac in person. It is customized perfectly with a soft yet firm texture and ripples in all of the right places to take your pleasure to new heights. From her ample breasts and creamy thighs to her seductive eyes and pouty mouth, Abigail is the stunning seductress who is impossible to get out of your head. When you have the Fleshlight sex toy that recreates her supple yet compressed love canal, you can easily experience the blissful pleasure of taking her any time the desire strikes you.

This is the beauty you may envision living out your most erotic fantasies with, and the Abigail Mac sex toy eliminates the need to imagine what sex with her might be like. The sex toy for this queen of the bedroom has the subtle softness of her vagina, and the gentle lips of the toy invite you to sink deep into her darkest and most private area. As you thrust into the sex toy, you will feel each twist and mound of her depths surrounding you and gently be compressing you. You can easily reach the height of ecstasy with this realistic sex toy, and you are in complete control over the intensity and speed of your actions. Its 9 inches are sufficient to accommodate your full length, allowing you to sink deeply into the kind of ecstasy that only Abigail Mac can bring you.

Abigail Mac has an all-American, girl-next-door look, but she has the freaky edge in the bedroom that leaves you craving more from her. In fact, she may be the porn star that you regularly fantasize about when lost in your own secret thoughts. You no longer have to simply watch her on videos and imagine the possibilities of what sex with her may be like. You can experience all that she offers to her lovers through this exquisite sex toy. It can be paired with other Fleshlight products as well, such as a warming or cooling lube. These products can be used to mimic her wetness when she gets turned on and can make your incredible experience with her sex toy much more authentic and erotic. All packages mailed by Fleshlight are discreetly wrapped to ensure your privacy.

If you want to experience the naughty side of Abigail Mac with your private sex toy that mimics the feel of her vagina, you may also want to experience more of what the Fleshlight girls offer. After all, you might have many different fantasies that run through your mind. Through the orgy collection offered to you by Fleshlight, you can combine the Abigail Mac toy with other toys that mimic the inner regions of many stunning temptresses. Each brings you an entirely unique sexual sensation. Why limit yourself to one pocket pussy when you can enjoy the erotic experiences of several? Each Fleshlight product immerses you into a different sensation, and each is utterly erotic in its own way. Order your Abigail Mac pocket pussy today, and bring your naughtiest dreams to life.

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