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If you're looking for a howling good time, Roland is ready for you. Always one to deliver on his promise to please, he's packed with adventure just waiting for you to explore his many pleasurable features.

Beginning with a tapered tip, he'll get you to open up wide, and show you all he has to offer. With a little thrusting, you'll get into a groove and notice every curve, bulge and ripple until you meet his noteworthy knot. Overcome it and you're likely to find yourself in a very pleasurable situation.

Looking to spice things up even more? Add a cumtube to Roland for a slippery good time.

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Top reviews of the Bad Dragon Roland

August 5, 2021

Updated August 5, 2021

Amazing Toy

The colors on the "Roland's Signature" color variant really pop. The toy has a great beginner's knot and a great texture. I have quite a few Bad Dragon toys now and this was my first, but it was so good it had me buying more.

  1. Great knot
  2. Pointed tip makes for easy insertion
  1. Not much texture

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