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As a self-described nymphomaniac, the gorgeous pornstar Madison Ivy simply loves to be satisfied as much as possible. This tiny spitfire is known in the adult film industry for bringing true passion to her films. In fact, when you see her perform, you can tell that she gets true pleasure from the naughty acts that she lives out in front of the camera. With her taut body and notably tight vagina, it is understandable why you may want to have sex with Madison Ivy yourself. Thanks to Fleshlight, you no longer have to dream about how amazing it would be to have sex with Madison Ivy. Fleshlight brings you the complete Madison Ivy experience to your fingertips.

Standing just under 5 feet tall and weighing less than 100 pounds, Madison Ivy is undeniably petite. Her small stature has been a turn on for men and women alike in her various adult film roles over the years. Originally from Germany, Madison Ivy credits her introduction in the porn industry to other adult film actresses like Shy Love and Aurora Snow. She performed in her first hardcore erotic film in 2008 when she was only 18 years old. In 2009, she had a starring role in a film produced by Hustler, and this role gained her incredible attention from industry professionals and fans alike.

This young porn star has been busy over the course of her rather short career. She has starred in films such as "Madison Ivy Loves Cock," "Chocolate Martinis," "Baby Got Boobs 16," "Not Bewitched XXX," "Party of Feet," "Hotel No Tell," "Porn Stars Like It Big 20" and others. With her unbridled and completely authentic passion for sex, it is not surprising that her roles have earned attention from adult film industry associations. Between 2009 and 2016, she was nominated for or won awards in various categories for the AVN Awards and the XBiz Awards. This includes in categories such as Best Sex Scene, Best Tease Performance, Best Oral Sex Scene, Best All-Girl Group Scene, Best Anal Sex Scene, Best POV Sex Scene and others.

In her private life, Madison Ivy is a bisexual and was linked for several years to Heather Starlet, another porn actress. She also enjoys yoga and karate in her free time, which help her to maintain a sexy body shape that you cannot stop thinking about.

If you have seen Madison Ivy in any one of her many starring roles or cameo sex scenes, you may find it difficult to get her out of your mind. Her incredibly small frame is accentuated by DD breasts that are easy to get lost in. As you might expect from someone as petite as Madison Ivy, both her pussy and her ass are impressively tight. Naughty accents are found throughout her body, including an exciting navel ring and small tattoos on her stomach, back and wrist. If this is not enough to foster erotic fantasies, this dark-haired beauty has icy blue eyes that speak volumes about her naughty desires. Everything about Madison pocket pussy entices you to envision having her to yourself. More than that, her unrivaled and completely natural passion for both men and women can inspire you to include her in your wildest and most electrifying fantasies.

Fleshlight brings the complete Madison experience to the palm of your hand, allowing you to fully enjoy what it might be like to have sex with an amazing talent. This porn starlet is known for her tight orifices, and you may find yourself daydreaming about how intense the pleasure could be if you could only slide inside one of those holes yourself. The Madison Ivy pocket pussy from Fleshlight boasts an exquisitely soft yet taut texture that perfectly imitates the satin skin on her innermost spots. The tease of the Madison Ivy pocket pussy begins when you view the delicate folds of her vagina surrounding the tight hole that beckons you to enter it. Once you're inside this Madison Ivy sex toy, you will feel its snug and ultimately pleasurable grip. Small nubs alternate with ribs as you move to add to your experience.

The Madison Ivy pocket pussy is not the only Fleshlight experience that you can enjoy. Madison Ivy is well-known for her insatiable appetite for anal sex, and the butt orifice toy lets you immerse yourself inside this sex queen to your utter delight. This sex toy has ribs and nodules that are uniquely twisted to give you an entirely different and undeniably intense sensation. Both of these sex toys have tight and completely pleasurable entrances for your shaft, but they can accommodate up to 9 inches. This gives you the ability to get the full Madison Ivy experience and to live out the ecstasy of your fantasies.

Your Madison Ivy fantasies are not complete, however, without some of the other Fleshlight products. Various types of lube are available that let you experience her wetness when she gets excited. Other stars' collections can also give you unique experiences. You can use these various products to simulate your orgy fantasies with Madison and many of the other porn stars who she has worked with in the past. These experiences include oral, anal and lady orifices for many other beautiful women. Remember that all products ordered through Fleshlight are shipped with discretion to protect your privacy.

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