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The EZ Automatic Digital Penis Pump and Handheld Gauge by Lynk Pleasure

All penis pumps are not created equal.  Sure for your first pump, you want to try and go with one of the beginner penis pumps but once you have got a taste of the big life (bigger, thicker, harder erections) how could you ever go back?  Well, just like anything else, with penis pumps there is an evolution.  When you are ready to evolve, your next step should be to a handheld electric cock pump with a nice big digital air gauge for easy reading.  Thanks to Lynk Pleasure, all of this can be yours at fraction of the cost of many other pumps on the market.  Thanks to the internet, we can bring you deals like this that have never been seen before.


EZ Automatic Digital Penis Pump Features


  • Powerful handheld electric penis pump with separate EZ hold gauge
  • Includes a large and easy to read digital display for accurate air pressure readings
  • The whisper-quiet motor provides maximum power to stimulate penis enlargement
  • The Single hand controls allow you to monitor and change air pressure on the fly
  • Enjoy worry-free pumping thanks to the quick release safety valve
  • The most affordable electric pump available is ideal for your first electric pump
  • The crystal clear acrylic cylinder has finger grooves to ensure a tight grip while pumping
  • Keep track of the penis enlargement process with the measuring gauge included on the side of the cylinder
  • Cylinder and sleeve combo creates the perfect air-tight seal for even greater erection improvements
  • Helps create thicker and harder erections with improved sexual stamina
  • The powerful yet quiet pump motors allow for discreet use


Draw massive amounts of blood into your penis to increase size and sensitivity! This powerful male sex toy uses a digital pump and gauge to create and measure the pressure within the cylinder. One of the easy-to-use buttons turns the suction on or off, while another button quickly releases air when you are ready to remove the pump and get some action.

Imagine the sexual possibilities, playing solo or with a partner, when your engorged member feels every touch, stroke, lick, or thrust more intensely than ever before!

The cylinder is marked with length measurements so that you can keep track of your gains, while texture allows you to maintain a firm grip. The sleeve around the opening ensures that you get a tight seal every time. This sleeve is made of premium, phthalate-free silicone and should not be used in combination with silicone lubricants. 

    The penis pump cylinder and included silicone pump sleeve are designed to create the perfect airtight seal at the touch of a button. Once you've reached your peak pressure, use the quick air release to decrease suction or release seal. When used often, this powerful electric pump can increase stamina, enhance overall size and amplify sensation.

    Lynk Pleasure has included finger grips on the cylinder so the pump never slides out of your hand during use.  The crystal clear cylinder includes a manual measuring device on the side for easy to follow penis measuring.

    Enjoy easy clean up with this maintenance-free stimulator sleeve, simply wash with your favorite sex toy cleaner before and after each use. Use tons of water-based lubricant for easy insertion.  As with all pumps, to maximize your efforts, pump with a premium silicone cock ring to keep the gains.


    What's in the box


    • 1 Lynk Pleasure electric penis pump with separate digital air gauge
    • 1 soft and stretchy universal silicone penis pump sleeve donut
    • Product instructions and warranty card


    Lynk Pleasure Electric Penis Pump Size


    • Overall Length - 8.50'' (21.59  cm)
    • Cylinder Length - 8'' (20.25 cm)
    • Insertable Length - 8'' (20.25 cm)
    • Sleeve Length - 2.5'' (6.25 cm)
    • Cylinder Width - 2.5'' (6.25 cm)


    Weight: 386g

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