Fleshlight Angela White Fleshlight Girls Indulge Texture Discreet Vagina Male Masturbator Details

Hailing from Sydney Australia, Angela White is used to going down under but now it's your turn to go down.  As the first Australian Fleshlight Girl, Angela White has a lot to live up to, but she doesn't see that as a problem.  The Angela White Fleshlight Girls Indulge Texture Discreet Vagina Male Masturbator lives up to all the hype that you have read in reviews.

Starting with the ultra-soft Fleshlight material that not only looks real but damn does it feel real too.  As your rock hard dick passes through her pussy lips, you will be pleasantly surprised but the amazing feeling you get from the intense Indulge sleeve.  With every inch and every thrust, you will come closer and closer to climax, even if you don't want to yet.

The magnificent shape of her pussy comes to life through this molded version of her vagina.  From her clit to her lips, every detail you see is actually from her body.  When you penetrate this pornstar you are really having sex with her.  Fantasies become reality when making love to a Fleshlight Girl.

Since the Angela White Fleshlight Indulge sleeve transfers heat we highly recommend adding a little temperature to your toy.  In order to get the most from this sex toy, soak in warm water or heat up using the Fleshlight Warming Rod.  Enjoy different sensations with the twist of the cap which lets air in and out.

Indulge Sleeve Sensations


Enjoy the stunning feeling of this wildly impressive sleeve texture.  The snugness that hugs your cock on top of the pleasure wave texture is enough to drive any man wild.  Add in the stimulating pleasure knobs and you will reach new heights of ecstasy.


Angela White Fleshlight Indulge Vagina Male Masturbator Features


  • Exact replica molded directly from Angela White's tight shaved pussy
  • Extremely detailed sleeve all the way down to the skin like material
  • Unique and realistic masturbator transfers heat for an even greater feel
  • Tight Indulge textured canal gives you an almost virgin-like experience
  • 100% discreet male masturbator


What Comes in the Box?


  • 1 Soft TPR Fleshlight Sleeve molded directly from Angela White's vagina
  • Pearl white discreet flashlight shaped Fleshlight case with closing lid


Be sure to add lots of water-based lubrication to enhance the feel. When you're finished, you can remove the inner sleeve to clean it easily in warm water, and after it dries, the convenient flashlight-style case provides easy storage. A twist-on cap keeps your new toy discreet while protecting against dust and other contaminants. 

Add the Fleshlight renewing powder and Fleshwash sex toy cleaner (Combo Kit) to round out the perfect sex toy for men!

Check out our Fleshlight Tips and Tricks page for how to use and clean your Fleshlight.


Weight: 730g

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