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If you're feeling knotty, Kage is the toy for you. Imagined by Chibity through Bad Dragon Labs and voted into production by the community, Kage boasts many of our most popular features rolled into one incredible package.

Sitting atop a modest base, Kage unfolds into a stunning spiral bulge for those seeking the challenge, and pleasure, of a considerable knot. Working up the shaft, you'll feel its textured bulges culminate into a pleasantly rounded tip meant for easy insertion and endless pleasure.

Perfectly designed to stimulate both p-spot or g-spot as a vaginal or anal toy, Kage can be enjoyed by all experience levels but is best suited for those who are looking for advanced knot stimulation. Don't forget to add a suction cup to Kage, you knotty thing.

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  • Lowest ever price: $105
  • Highest ever price: $115

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