Bad Dragon Gunner Details

It's all in the details with Gunner. Designed to impress from tip to incredible base, we're sure you'll be tickled by his riveting features.

With a modestly pointed head that culminates in sensual tendrils, you'll ache with pleasure with every movement. Make it past these tantalizing crests and you'll encounter his next greatest feature: stacked, pleasure-inducing ridges that guide you down deeper onto this incredible toy until you meet its substantial knot. Just beyond, find a perfect space that allows for your toy to stay inserted and go hands-free for any other activities you have in mind.

From the deepest depths of Asura's imagination through Bad Dragon Labs and rendered by Finir, allow us to introduce a toy that you'll surely remember.

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  • Lowest ever price: $105
  • Highest ever price: $115

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