Pau Yuen Tong Old Chinese Ejaculation Delay Balm Formula Details

For many people, ideas of ancient remedies or traditional Chinese medicine instant arouses suspicion. It's completely understandable to question what a bunch of herbs and plants can do that modern medicine can't.

The thing is, old remedies like Pau Yuen Tong and China Brush really do work - and it's unsurprising when you think about it. A lot of modern pharmaceuticals and performance-enhancing products are really just cost-effective ways of recreating the effect of traditional natural remedies. In fact, some of the most popular medicines in the world are based on ingredients we've been using for hundreds - if not thousands - of years.

Now, traditional or not - it goes without saying that it's a good idea to ask questions about anything you're going to rub on your penis. Since we're all big fans of Pau Yuen Tong Balm, we're well-positioned to answer all your questions.

Here, we'll look at:


  • What Pau Yuen Tong delay balm is
  • Pau Yuen Tong balm ingredients
  • Pau Yuen Tong balm directions
  • Any possible Pau Yuen Tong balm side effects

When you've finished reading, you'll be able to decide for yourself whether or not Pau Yuen Tong Old Chinese delay balm will be a good addition to your sex life.

What is Pau Yuen Tong?

So, what is tong balm? Well, put simply, Pau Yuen Tong is a balm that delays ejaculation - potentially giving you much more stamina during intercourse.

There are other remedies out there that can delay ejaculation - but the trouble is, they generally all contain benzocaine or lidocaine. Sure, they might work to a degree - but they'll also completely numb your penis, often removing part or all sensation and the ability to orgasm.

Pau Yuen Tong is different.

Rather than numb your penis, the ingredients give men much greater control over ejaculation. The balm does this by encouraging blood flow and increasing the sensation in your penis

The result? Better control - and more intense sex that lasts much longer.

What is Pau Yuen Tong Old Chinese Balm made from?

The Pau Yuen Tong balm ingredients contain carefully sourced and blended:

  • Ginseng
  • Cloves
  • Brandy
  • Aloe Wood
  • Aromatic Oils
  • 95% Petroleum Jelly


How do Pau Yuen Tong's ingredients help with premature ejaculation?

Now down to business - what does Pau Yuen Tong balm do to give you more bedroom stamina?

The balm actually works in two distinct ways - as a Chinese balm for erectile dysfunction (helping you get hard) - and as a balm to help fight premature ejaculation (orgasming too soon).

 Let's look at each condition in turn:

 How does Tong balm application help you get hard?

Erections are all about blood flow. Quite simply, the more blood in your dick, the harder it gets.

 This is where the cloves and the brandy come into play. Both these ingredients cool the skin - and when your body feels cold, it sends more blood to keep everything working as it should. It's the reason people get rosy cheeks when it's cold - except when applied to the penis, Tong balm tricks the body into thinking it's cool, so extra blood's pumped to where you need it.

 How do Pau Yuen Tong's ingredients help with premature ejaculation?

Ever wondered how porn stars have that ability to come on demand?

 It's all down to controlling your muscles. Just before you orgasm, your cock becomes hyper-sensitive and you either stop having sex immediately - or you continue for a few seconds longer and ejaculate.

 Pau Yuen Tong balm's unique blend of ingredients enhances control and reduces hyper-sensitivity at this crucial point. Virtually every Tong balm review talks about exactly this -just a tiny amount applied correctly will mean it takes you much longer to get to that point of hypersensitivity.

 Does Tong balm work immediately to fix premature ejaculation?

Honestly, how quickly you see results will depend on a few different things. Some guys apply exactly the right amount the first time - whereas other guys often overdo it and end up able to go for hours!


You'll find Pau Yuen Tong Balm 'how to use' instructions in the package you receive. Read them carefully - you might get an impressive rating from your partner if you keep going for hours - but you'll probably end up tired the next day!


How to use original Pau Yuen Tong balm

If you've read a few Pau Yuen Tong balm reviews, you'll probably be excited to purchase and have long-lasting sex on tap - but before you do, it's useful to understand how to use Pau Yuen Tong balm for maximum effect.

 How to apply Tong balm to the penis

Firstly, don't be surprised by the size of the pot you receive. Lots of people expect a huge tub of the stuff - but you only need a tiny amount, so the small pot is of outstanding value and will last you a long time.

 Try to resist the tendency to apply too much! A little goes a long way.

 Pau Yuen Tong balm instructions:

Step 1: Around 3 hours before sex, males should apply a match head size amount of the balm around the area where the head of the penis meets the shaft

 Step 2: Repeat step 1 on the hour for the next 2 hours.

 Step 3: 30 minutes after the final application, apply the last small amount of Pau Tong balm in the same area - then you're ready for mind-blowing, long-lasting sex.


Frequently asked customer questions


Is Tong balm safe?

Yes - we absolutely wouldn't stock it otherwise. As with any penis balm, we strongly advise that you check to make sure you're not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients - but as long as you're not, this Pau Yuen balm should be absolutely safe to use.


Can I expect any old Chinese balm side effects?

It's very unlikely - but if you search for the Pau Yuen Tong balm Reddit forum, you occasionally see people talking about mild side effects.


Generally, as long as you follow the instructions you receive with your item, the worst you can expect is to experience a mild tingling. Some people say Pau Yuen Tong balm 'burns' - although you'd have to use a very large amount to get much more than a tingle.


Does Pau Yuen Tong balm get sold under different names?

Yes. Although the closest American English translation is 'Pau Yuen Tong' - the way the name is translated sometimes means you'll see the balm referred to as 'Pau Yeng Tong', 'Pau Yong Tong' 'Pi Yong Tong', 'Paul Yuen Tong', or 'Tong balm'.


Of course, some companies rename it too - so you might see it referred to as simply 'dick balm', 'China anal balm', or 'penis Pau Tong cream'.


How do I use Tong balm with a partner?

How to use Tong balm with a partner is really up to you - but it can be an exciting, natural product to fool around with.


Why not follow our 'how to apply Pau Yuen Tong balm' with your partner? Perhaps they could apply it in the build-up to intercourse? Be careful not to get any in your or your partner's mouth though - at least until you've given it some time to be absorbed!



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