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Pretzal sure is a dynamo in bed. Coated in tantalizing nubs and sexy curves, he's not shy on texture and his versatility makes for a great addition to any Bad Dragon collection.

His slithering curve gives him all the personality needed to really set you off in a number of ways. Play with Pretzel facing in any direction to experience different sensations thanks to his twists, turns, and satisfying nubs. His girth builds as he goes deeper, providing some of the most intense enjoyment imaginable, finishing you off with a textured base perfect for clitoral stimulation.

Whether you're sliding him in and out or just letting him twist and writhe inside you, Pretzal goes deep and brings you along for an incredible ride. The only thing that makes Pretzal even more fun is adding a suction cup to experience that wonderful curve in all the right places.

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  • Lowest ever price: $75
  • Highest ever price: $85

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