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For intensely erotic and unique sensations, try these Electra Stim Electra Bands. They create tingly, vibration-like sensations when the circuit is complete and have a multitude of uses for ultra-thrilling play. Great for CBT or couples pleasure. Enjoy the indescribable sensation of electro play with these electrosex bands. Made from conductive fabric, each band is adjustable up to 2. 75 inches in diameter and has plenty of stretch to assure a good fit. The bands may be placed around the penis or testicles. Each band is uni polar, meaning that each band has a single 2mm input. In order to complete the circuit, two uni polar sex toys need to be plugged into the unit. This can be both of these bands or one band and another uni-polar sex toy. Please note: These bands need to be plugged into an Electro sex unit with 2mm pins to operate. The unit is not included.


Color(s): Black

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