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Misty Stone has appeared in hundreds of films and stars in the fantasies of millions of guys. Her gorgeous caramel skin, beautiful face and sensuous, fit body have made her a huge star in the world of adult films. This iconic sex symbol is an outspoken advocate for performers of color in the adult industry and has appeared in video games and mainstream TV series alongside her unforgettable adult performances.

Savor the delectable look and unforgettable feel of the stunning pornstar Misty Stone with this delightful sex toy. This Misty Stone sex toy is the first Fleshlight sleeve to be molded from caramel brown Real Feel Superskin. Close your eyes, take the plunge and imagine yourself bumping and grinding deep inside Misty Stone. The Misty Stone pocket pussy is perfect for a truly satisfying session that fulfills all your needs. It's also fun to play with when somebody else is watching or stimulating your other erogenous zones.

Your Misty Fleshlight will be delivered in a plain brown cardboard box. Neither your postman nor your neighbors next door will be able to guess what's inside it. The sleeve is packaged in a plastic casing that fits perfectly in carry-on luggage, so you can take your sex toy with you when you travel.

There's a reason why the Misty Stone pocket pussy texture has been dubbed Bump-N-Grind. It's like a nine-and-a-half-inch roller coaster of sensation all for you to enjoy. Before you start your ride, take a few seconds to admire the opening. It's a perfect replica of Misty Stone herself, given the stamp of approval by this adult entertainment goddess. You can see and feel just how much she's ready for you.

This pocket pussy is perfect for guys who enjoy a firm grip on the head and shaft of their penis, so you'll want to be generous with the lube. Fleshlight sex toys are molded from a proprietary material called Superskin that feels amazingly flesh-like, and it's made to pair exceptionally well with Fleshlight's line of lubes for a truly natural feel. Choose Fleshlube Water for slippery wetness, or opt for Fire and Ice for some extra temperature sensation.

As you ease into the opening of the canal, you'll feel a series of bumps and ribs that are super-stimulating. One of the best things about Fleshlight pocket pussies is that they can help you discover erogenous zones that you may not have known existed.

As you slip inside Misty, you'll encounter a whole range of pleasures designed just for you. Drive deep past three rows of ribs and bumps and feel the pleasure of the grinding vortex. You'll have another set of bumps for some extra tight pleasure before you encounter another powerful vortex. Slide all the way in for another soft set of larger bumps to tease, titillate, and drive you toward a shattering orgasm.

You can control the amount of suction and pressure you experience by manipulating the end caps of the canister your Misty pocket pussy is encased in. The Fleshlight Misty Stone experience is all about personalizing your pleasure.

This Misty Stone Bump-N-Grind sex toy has two vortex chambers in all, and they're designed to give you the ultimate pleasure when you're driving hard toward that final moment of ecstasy. If you want to know what it feels like to have sex with Misty Stone, you can feel the fantasy for yourself. The sleeve's narrow diameter and its two suction vortices let you work your way up to an explosive orgasm.

Misty Stone started her adult film career in 2006. Since then, she's branched out into more mainstream entertainment. You can catch her in “Co-Ed Confidential” and “Sons of Anarchy,” and she's also provided voiceovers for the popular video game Grand Theft Auto-V.

Misty Stone's ambition is like her sex drive: hard and focused. In 2013, she started her own film production company: Misty Stone Productions. The sex goddess also sells her own line of organic beauty products and candles.

Whatever this queen does, she wants to be the best at it whether it's winning the Urban X Porn Star of the Year award or sparking your up-close-and-personal fantasies. Misty Stone's perky, mocha breasts and amazing booty are such favorites with fans that Penthouse made her Pet of the Month in December 2014.

Your Misty Stone sleeve is an investment in pure pleasure. You can help to ensure that you enjoy constant pleasure from this sex toy with some tender, easy care. You can keep enjoying the supple, tender texture of this slamming pocket pussy for years to come.

First, remove your Fleshlight from its casing. Next, wash both casing and pocket pussy off thoroughly in running water.

Let your pocket pussy dry completely before you proceed to the second stage of cleaning with the specially formulated Fleshwash that ensures that Misty's Superskin receives tender, loving care.

You can also use a special texture-rejuvenating product called Fleshlight Renewing Powder. Wait for your sleeve to dry and then sprinkle a thin dusting of powder to keep your Superskin supple and delightful. Your Misty Stone pocket pussy will be thrilling you for a long, long time.

There are even more delightful accessories you can pair to enhance your Misty Stone experience even further. Opt for a VStroker attachment for your Misty Stone sex toy and get instant feedback from VStroker online content for a virtual reality experience that is out of this world. Choose a shower mount for some hot, sudsy fun with Misty, or opt for a LaunchPAD to watch Misty's classics while you're driving deep inside her specialty sex toy. Order yours today.

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