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Are you ready to choose your pleasure? Indulge in this simple and sexy game with your lover and you'll both be winners! Choose from 52 sexy scenario cards to live out your fantasies and discover new ones together. This easy-to-play game includes 2 decks of cards - one for him and one for her - and a 6-sided die with 3 sides for him and 3 for her. Roll the die and let chance decide which sexy action you'll be performing on your lover. Each card has two suggestions to choose from so you can opt for the one that tickles your fancy (or combine both). There are 26 cards in each deck, offering 52 sexy scenarios to choose from each. Card Examples: For Him: - Kiss your lover's lips' or Kiss your lover's neck - Perform a striptease for him or Give him a lap dance - Perform oral sex on him while he stands or Perform oral sex together in the "69" position For Her: - Make love to her in a position of her choosing or Tie her hands behind her back and make love to her in any position - Make love in the spooning position (side by side) or Make love in the cowgirl position - Explicitly describe what you want to do to her or Talk dirty while making love

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