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There are few things as exciting in the world of porn as the feeling of authenticity, and that's one of the reasons Dillion Harper and her bubbly personality have taken the internet by storm. While many camgirls and pornstars seem like someone distinctly out of reach, Dillion comes off as the nice and pretty girl you see working at your dentist's office. There's a good reason for that, too. Before she was a camgirl, she was a student studying dental care to become an oral hygienist. Her bedside manner has clearly translated to the world of adult entertainment, where she has easily put both male and female partners at ease with her accessible attitude and warm disposition.

The pornstar Dillion Harper has made her mark by being just so darned normal. At 5 feet 5 inches tall, she stands close to the average height for an American woman. Weighing 114 pounds, she's slender without looking skinny. Her long, dark hair is lovely without seeming pretentious or attention-seeking. Her breasts are ample and natural, too. Unmistakably cute and equipped with a stellar smile, she instantly seems like the pretty young woman you keep thinking about after seeing her in line at the supermarket. Even her name comes with an adorable twist. Fans might be forgiven for calling her "Dill-un," but her name is, in fact, pronounced "Dill-EE-un."

At age 19, while still living with her parents, Dillion Harper lost her day job and ran out of money. At the prompting of someone she knew at the country club, she started doing a cam show and submitting pictures to porn production firms. It's hard to believe, but the original modeling inquiry Dillion Harper, a long-time resident of southern Florida, sent to regional adult industry giant BangBros actually went unreturned!

In porn, as in the rest of life, everyone deserves a second shot. Dillion quickly made an impression in the industry, appearing in 2012 in films for noted companies such as New Sensations and Diabolic Video. She was then named the Hustler Honey for 2013, and she has since graced the covers of both Penthouse and Hustler. Twisty's declared Dillion Harper the Treat of the Month for May 2014, and she went on to be named Miss Congeniality at the NightMovies Awards later that year.

It wasn't long before the folks at BangBros realized their mistake and started shooting with her. Every year since, she has been nominated for a slew of respected honors within the adult entertainment business, including the XBIZ, AVN and Cammy awards.

One can be forgiven for feeling a twinge of envy for the men and women who have sex with Dillion Harper. Not a gal to forget her roots, even after moving to L.A., she continues to greet her fans regularly on her Twitter feed and through her cam shows. She has earned a reputation as the girl that everyone wants to be near, performing in masturbation, straight, lesbian and bisexual scenes that always leave viewers feeling amazed. Dillion Harper still does a number of nude spreads to make sure the world's men will never run out of adorable artwork to adorn their walls. Always keeping her fans in mind, she has even molded a Dillion Harper Fleshlight.

Those looking to experience the thrill are invited to try the Dillion Harper pocket pussy, an ultra-realistic replica. You may also ask her to bring along a friend with the Beautiful Symphony Pack. It's even possible to get a bigger bang for your buck with a Fleshlight Orgy.

Fantasies of the one girl who's so sweet and accessible it makes your stomach get all knotted are easy to understand. You might never work up the courage to approach her, but the Dillion Harper sex toy from Fleshlight represents a perfect recreation of the experience that might follow. It features a tight and delicate opening replicating Harper's intimate parts. The lips are softly pushed out to invite you inside.

Sensations abound once you push deeper. With each stroke, you'll feel the smooth half-beads massaging your shaft. In no time, you'll be picturing Dillion and her flawless breasts. Thanks to a pattern that features nubs going inward, outward, backward and forward, the cinching experience that the Dillion Harper pocket pussy creates is unmatched.

You'll be forgiven if the notion of being with Dillion Harper leaves you lacking for stamina. Fans can, however, use the Beauty and the Beast Pack to acclimate to the full sensation. In addition to the Lady Stamina Training Sleeve, it also comes with the Fleshlight Girl Dillion Harper Crush Sleeve.

Those meant to push the fantasy to the next level can even take to the shower. The Dillion Harper Combo Pack includes the Crush Sleeve and a shower mount.

The idea of taking advantage of the Dillion Harper pocket pussy without getting to see her breasts may almost seem like you're missing out on something. You can, though, delve into a fully automated experience with Fleshlight Launch, an interactive product that fully integrates with VR goggles. At a peak rate of 180 strokes per minute, you may also wish to take precautions with the Fleshlube Elements Pack.

Thrills await those who have a chance to experience the Fleshlight collection featuring a flawless replica modeled by Dillion Harper. The spiral-shaped pleasure halos are designed to maximize sensations. Consider using the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer to achieve the astonishingly natural feeling of being with Dillion Harper, the definitive camgirl next door. You'll quickly appreciate why she has become famous for being one of the most accessible porn stars of all time.

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