ElectraStim Uni-Polar Long ElectraPads Details

Longer and slimmer than regular Electra Stim pads, these uni-polar accessories are especially shaped to fit and stimulate the genitals as well as other hard to reach areas. Who knew TENS technology could be so sexy? Using the same tech as TENS pain relief and those lazy ab-belts, E-stim uses mild electrical pulses to awaken your nerve endings. When used in a closed circuit on one person (both pads on one partner) they create all over body tingles, with more intensity wherever the pads touch. When used across 2 people (you wear a pad each) you'll tingle every time you touch. Awww. These skinny stick on pads are perfectly shaped to adhere to more tricky ares, like the labia majora, penis, balls and perineum, but are also perfect for use anywhere else below the waist. To use, peel off the plastic backing and place the self-adhesive pads on the skin. The electra-pads are reusable but will eventually lose their stickiness. To prolong their use, gently exfoliate your skin before use and always return the backing to the pads after play. Please note: Two pads need to be worn in order for the electricity to conduct. An Electra Stim Power Unit is required to power the pads, this is sold separately.


Color(s): White

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