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You already love the Fleshlight and Fleshjack lines of dildos - now you're able to take them to the next level with the Fleshlight Dildo Handles line! With different shapes and sizes, our Dildo Handles let users customize their experience by product, whether for solo use or with a partner. Level up today!

Fleshlight Dildo Handles are compatible with all Fleshlight and Fleshjack dildos that contain a silicone plug in their base. To use a Dildo Handle with a Fleshlight/Fleshjack dildo, first remove the black plug from the base of the dildo. Fully insert the ribbed post of your Dildo Handle into the hole at the base of your Fleshlight/Fleshjack dildo. Apply sufficient lube to yourself (or your partner) and the dildo, and enjoy the added control provided by the Dildo Handle.

Upon completion, remove the Dildo Handle from the dildo and clean both thoroughly with soap and water (you may also use an antibacterial agent like FleshWash). Allow the dildo and Dildo Handle to dry completely before storing. Reinsert the silicone plug into the base of your dildo when using it without the Dildo Handle in order to maintain complete dildo rigidity.

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