Pipedream PDX Plus Perfect DD's Realistic Masturbator Details

Perfect Double D Stroker by Pipedream

Always imagined what it's like to put your hands on an incredible pair of Double D breasts and tight waist, and fingering amazingly soft pussy lips? How about fucking a tight pussy and a pretty puckered butthole while slapping and groping such a full backside? And the best thing? You don't even need a woman to do all these! Pipedream Products has definitely outdone themselves with this astounding sex toy for men. Enjoy the ultimate solo play with a body so fine with the PDX Plus Perfect DD's Realistic Tan Masturbator Torso!

Double D Stroker Features
  • The ultimate realistic 3D life-sized replica of the ideal woman's body
  • Enjoy an amazing pair of squishy and jiggly Double D tits
  • Buy your face in them or titty fuck these massive boobs
  • The perfect full masturbator for solo play and practice for the real thing
  • Slide into a tight vagina that stretches out over time
  • 2 lifelike penetrable holes including a puckered butt hole
  • Made from incredibly realistic skin-like material FantaFlesh
  • The ribbed inner canals provide even greater pleasure with every inch
  • Completely hands-free design lets you act out your favorite fantasies
  • Squeeze the ass and watch it jiggle like the real thing
  • Designed for stability perfect for different sex positions
  • Masturbator to try different sex positions
  • Close-ended design for natural suction
  • Completely body-safe and 100% waterproof
  • Available in tan and light skin colors

This incredible sex doll is definitely a must-have in your adult collection. It is extremely realistic from the outside to the inside. Made with a skin-like material FantaFlesh, it is designed not only to look so real but also to feel real. It is smooth to the touch and is especially detailed - from the perfect double D-sized squishy boobs, tiny waist, juicy pussy lips, and folds. Even her anus looks so beautiful. Truly the perfect realistic masturbator for you.

Her 2 penetrative holes are aggressively ribbed to give you that stimulation you've always craved, bringing you to a mind-blowing orgasm. With its close-ended design, you can feel as your dick gets naturally sucked in. Designed to be hands-free, this stable sex doll can be propped on a pillow or bent over a table. Slap her butt, spread her ass cheeks, grope her wonderful titties and blow a big load over her pussy lips, she can definitely take it! Add more pleasure with each penetration as you stay slick with a water-based lubricant.

Cleaning is definitely easy with this toy. Under the doll is a hole that is specifically made for cleaning. Simply give her a wash with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner and/or mild soap and water.

Take it to the next level by wrapping your package with a cock ring, or take it another step by using a prostate massager. It's guaranteed to make you blow the most powerful orgasm ever!



PDX Plus Perfect DD's Masturbator Material
  • Natural FantaFlesh 
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Realistic Tan Color

  • Overall Length - 12.3" (31.2 cm)
  • Overall Width - 7" (17.8 cm)
  • Tunnel Length (Anal) - 5" (12.7 cm)
  • Tunnel Length (Vagina) - 4.5" (12.7 cm)
  • Tunnel Diameter: Stretches to over 3" (7.6 cm)
  • Weight - 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)

NOTE: The vaginal and anal openings connect to the same canal which is around 7" long. This may be extremely tight and stretchy since Fanta Flesh replicates the most realistic experience ever. These canals aren't very wide at first - but after a few uses, they should be stretchy enough. Use an adequate amount of lube to help the penetration. Both canals also connect to a drain hole on the backside of the toy which can be used to flush water through for trouble-free cleaning.

This item is non-returnable, all sales final.



Weight: 2790g

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    Double D Stroker | PDX Plus Perfect DD's Realistic Masturbator by Pipedream Tan Skin

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    Double D Stroker | PDX Plus Perfect DD's Realistic Masturbator by Pipedream Light Skin

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