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Arcwave Ion Air Pressure Stimulator


Welcome to the future of sextech (sexual technology) the first-ever masturbator that will blow your mind, literally.  Unlike every other stroker and male sex toy on the market, the Arcwave Ion presents a brand new way to get you blowing your load faster and more intensely than ever before. You might have heard of the parent company of Archive, Wowtech, the brains behind Satisfyer the wildly popular line of toys for women as well as Satisfyer Men.  While Satisfyer is incredibly popular and great to use, the Ion has taken their toys to the next level.




  • First of its kind air pressure stimulating stroker for men
  • Scientifically designed to stimulate the most sensitive part of your entire body
  • Creates waves of pleasure that will roll over you like ecstasy
  • Designed so you can use it as a stroker or allow it to work its magic while you sit and relax
  • The raised silicone oval pinpoints the air directly under your frenulum (underside of the penis)
  • The toy pulses, sucks, and throbs on your penis with clean air stimulation
  • Includes the Smart Silence option that instantly turns on and off with direct skin contact
  • 8 incredible powers and intensity levels that are enough to get any man off in minutes
  • Easy to use 3 button control pad makes shuffling through the settings a breeze
  • Comes with discreet storage and charging dock that also allows you to dry it after cleaning
  • The included dry sticks dry the unit after cleaning in mere seconds


 What's so great about the Arcwave Ion?


It starts with the fact that this sex toy is built around one of the safest powers in the world, air. As the driving force behind your next explosive orgasm, the Ion uses pulsating airwaves to give you precision stimulation right where you are going to enjoy it most.  

The Ion combines science with masturbation.  With years of R&D by Wowtech under their belt, they designed and built this air stroker to stimulate the Pacinian (Pacinian Corpulscles).  What are Pacinian Receptors?  They are a type of nerve ending that is responsible for your sensitivity to vibrations and pressure stimulation. In fact, your body has no more sensitive of an area than that with Pacinian Receptors in the skin.  Mostly found in your penis!

What does this mean to you?  It means that the most sensitive area on your body is going to be stimulated with pulsing air and continued frequency changes that will drive you wild.

Designed for a completely immersive stroking experience, the Ion's open-ended shape slips fully over your or your partner's penis. The super-soft black silicone sleeve comes pre-attached to a sturdy plastic handle that places three simple control buttons at your/their fingertips. You'll see a slightly raised oval in the center of some sexy ribbed texture - this is the Pleasure Air sensor, and it should be positioned under your/their frenulum (the area of the penis where the head meets the shaft). You'll be able to squeeze the sleeve to place more pressure on the penis inside.

Pleasure Air is a type of gentle, pulsating pressure that sucks, pulses and throbs at a range of intensities. It feels very different than vibration, providing more targeted, intense stimulation. It's hard to describe, but users absolutely rave about the sensation. 

The Ion has many different functions and settings but one of the most impressive is called Smart Silence.  This setting allows the toy to start sucking and pulsating but only when it comes in contact with your skin. If somebody quickly comes in, you can pull it off your penis and it instantly stops functioning, turning to total silence.  This also helps prolong the battery life.  Where was this when I was younger?!

With 8 powerful settings and intensity levels, a simple control panel will allow you to find your favorite one without removing the unit or changing positions in any way.

Although this toy is called an air stroker and yes you can absolutely stroke your penis with it, you don't have to.  Thanks to the pulsing air technology, this toy will get you to orgasm without even stroking an inch. But if you are like me, you want the ultimate pleasure that will include the pulsing air while stroking.

The discreet unit comes with a black charging dock that also acts as a storage unit as well as a drying stand. You can easily leave this on your nightstand and nobody would think twice about it. Truly revolutionary.  

To charge it up, lift the little black silicone tag from the base of the storage case and connect the included cord. Place your Ion inside with its magnetic points lined up with the matching points in the case. Set it and forget it for about 90 minutes. A full charge will power your Stroker for up to one full hour.

To help dry your Ion quickly after use cleaning, place the included DryTech pack inside the DryTech stick (diagrams are included in the instruction booklet) and position your Ion over top. Speaking of cleaning, the Arcwave Ion's silicone portion twists easily off the handle for easy deep-cleaning before and after.

Built with body-safe and hygienic materials, the Arcwave Ion Stroker with CleanTech silicone and ABS plastic design is easy to clean using warm soapy water or a good anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. The Ion is fully compatible with all water-based lubricant, but not silicone so keep that away. 

Arcwave Ion User Manual


What's included in the packaging?


  • Arcwave Ion Air Stroker
  • Storage/charging base
  • DryTech stick
  • DryTech pack
  • USB power cable
  • Manual
  • 10ml Arcwave water-based lube by pjur




  • Hygenic CleanTech Silicone
  • ABS Plastic


Ion Size


  • Total Length - 5.75" (14.6 cm)
  • Insertable Length - 5.5" (14 cm)
  • Width - 3.1" (7.9 cm)


Contains Silicone: Yes

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