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If you're looking for an other-worldly toy, look no further than Xar. Its unique shape will prove to be one of the most intriguing challenges you'll come across, yet its enticing shape will draw you in for closer inspection.

Take the challenge, if you dare, and you'll be met with one incredible toy that begs to be explored. Starting at its tip, you'll experience a gentle point that directs you straight onto its intense, girthy shaft meant to leave you with a full and stretched feeling. Working your way down will lead you straight to its delectable knot. Overcome this, and you'll find its tantalizing ridges grind against you in all the right ways and leave you primed to make full use of its sensual base, coated in bumps and grooves perfect for external stimulation.

To really take in all that Xar has to offer, try adding a suction cup so you can ride this toy straight into the next universe.

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  • Lowest ever price: $55
  • Highest ever price: $65

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