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Are you one of the 30% crew?  You know what I am talking about.  The 30% of us who have a hyper sensitive penis which causes us to cum WAY TO FAST!  As great as cumming is, we need to last longer in bed.  We need to make sure our partners are feeling the love.  It is a problem but it doesn't have to you YOUR PROBLEM!

Dynamo Delay Spray for Men helps couples enjoy longer-lasting sex with a clinically tested, fast-acting formula that provides safe and effective results.

This non-irritating spray temporarily prolongs the time until ejaculation using a concentrated 13% lidocaine formula, which provides a topical numbing sensation that works in minutes and lasts for hours! Improve stamina, increase endurance, and prolong pleasure without a prescription!  Bring one of the only FDA compliant prolonging sprays for men, and having a whopping 13% lidocaine, you have found your winner! With this bottle of delay spray, you should get about 270 sprays!  That is enough to control yourself for years to come.


Apply 3 sprays to the head and shaft of your penis. Apply more as needed but never to exceed 10 sprays.


13% Lidocaine USP



Weight: 91g

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