ElectraStim Bi-Polar ElectraPaddle Leather Spanking Paddle Details

Watt is love? Baby please hertz me... Zap your lover's bottom with this tingle-tastic E-Stim spanking paddle by Electra Stim to discover a whole new level of erotic fun. A totally new sensation to spanking or vibrations, it has to be tried to be believed. A near impossible sensation to describe, E-Stim feels like a cross between throbby vibrations, widespread tingles and pins and needles (without the numbness), and if that's not enough to make you buy it immediately, we don't know what is! This spanking paddle can be used on it's own as a regular spanker, however is best used alongside the E-Stim power pack to directly awaken nerve endings with subtle (or not so subtle) electrical currents. When plugged in the metal conductors on the surface of the toy come to life, ready and willing to zap any body part that comes close. For beginners, we recommend setting the power pack to a very low setting and resting all 3 metal contact strips against the skin. The more contact these strips have with the body, the more gentle the sensation will be. Gradually increase the power until your sub can feel a mild tingly sensation (you'll know when a cheeky grin appears on their face) and take it from there. Over time, you may want to experiment with higher power settings, and lighter touches to intensify their experience. The paddle itself features a good handle that's easy to grip and a slightly flexible spanking surface for direct, predictable smacks. To achieve maximum sensation, always coat the metal contacts with Electra Stim Conductor Gel before use. Re-apply as necessary. For electrostimulation feature to work, this paddle must be used with the Electra Stim Stimulation Unit (sold separately).


Color(s): Black

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