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Tenga Flip Orb Strong Masturbators

If you are new to the Tenga brand of men's sex toys then you are in for a real treat. For generations, toys such as masturbators and strokers have had the same shapes and features but Tenga came along and shook up everything.

Known for their wild shapes and even crazier sensations, Tenga continually pushes the envelopes for what is possible when jerking off.  The Flip Orb series is no different, in fact, it is arguably their best new masturbator thanks to the firm yet squishy orb balls that are embedded into the sleeve.  These balls hit every pressure point in your penis with every stroke, causing explosive orgasms each and every time.  If you look closely in the soft gel elastomer insert, you can see about 10 orbs that are ready to take you to the moon and back.


Different Flip Orb Styles
  • Orange Crash - The Orange Crash Flip Orb Strong starts with a soft funnel-like entry lined with ribs to stimulate your penis as you slide in. Once you enter the main channel your penis will be pleasantly surprised with the ultra-aggressive hexagonal shapes that line both sides of the toy,  The pleasure-inducing hex shapes are small in size to ensure that they hit every angle just perfectly. When peering through the clear soft elastomer you will see 10 bright orange orbs made from a soft yet firm material that is placed just perfectly for the ideal stimulation.  Orange Crash provides perfect pleasure for most penis sizes.
  • Blue Rush - The Blue Rush Flip Orb Strong has a tight honeycomb entrance that is designed to tickle your dick and prep you for the main event.  Once in the main chamber of the Blue Rush, your penis meets hundreds of ribs that face different directions. These ribs were placed just perfect to tickle your penis with every thrust.  Behind the pleasure ribs you will see 10 soft yet firm blue orbs that apply the perfect amount of pleasure to every part of your tip and shaft.  Blue Rush is great for the majority of all penis sizes.


    Tenga Flip Orb Strong Masturbator Features


    • Discreet flip-style masturbator that gently presses against your penis for intense pleasure
    • One of a kind design includes soft-balls  or 'orbs' that add to the already intense stimulation
    • Pressure pads on both sides of the masturbator allow you to have full control over how tight or lose this stroker is during use
    • Made from hypo-allergenic TPE and elastomer which is very soft, stretchy, and feels like the real thing
    • Experience quick climax thanks to the geometric design that stimulates your penis like nothing you have felt before
    • Completely waterproof and reusable 
    • Stretches to fit many penis sizes
    • Includes a built-in drying stand and storage lid
    • Compatible with water-based lube only 


    Tenga has made the Flip Orb Strong in a similar design as many of their other strokers. This design is a flip-open style that shows off all the cool-looking features inside. This also helps lube up perfectly and even better during cleaning.

    All Flip Orb Strongs include dual pressure pads that give you a perfect grip for a no-slip experience.  Where the real fun starts is when you squeeze the pressure pads to control the tightness of every stroke. Whether you are looking for the first-time virgin and Loose Lucy, this stroker has what you need.


    How To Use The Tenga Flip Orb Strong


    Start by removing the end cap that keeps the Tenga locked shut.  Flip open the toy and generously apply your favorite lube (Water-based lube only!)  Flip close the unit and place the cap on the opposite end.  This will expose the entrance and keep it locked tightly during use.  This also keeps it leakproof from the lube.  During use, experiment with different pressures by squeezing the pads along the side.  To clean, just pop the cap off and flip it open. 

    Once you have blown your load, and trust me, you will... make sure to clean it nicely.  This masturbator is not a one-time use toy, you can clean it up with anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner and then use the built-in toy drying stand to hygienically clean and dry it.



    Flip Orb Size


    • Length - 7.01" (17.8 cm)
    • Width - 3.39" (8.62 cm)
    • Insertable Length - 5.51" (13.99 cm)
    • Weight - 0.90 lbs (408 grams)


    Weight: 499g

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      Flip Orb Strong Masturbator Series | Beaded Discreet Stroker Orange Crash

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      Flip Orb Strong Masturbator Series | Beaded Discreet Stroker Blue Rush

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    Top reviews of the Tenga Flip Orb Strong Beaded Discreet Stroker

    November 1, 2021

    Updated November 1, 2021

    Material 4.5
    Price/Performance 4
    Ease of Use 5
    Suction Effect 3
    Orgasm Rating 4
    Noise 2
    Lube Efficiency 4
    Ease of Cleanup 2
    Drying Quickness 2
    Texture Intensity 4
    Texture Stimulation 4
    Texture Penetration 4
    Texture Tightness 4
    Texture Variation 5
    Texture Smoothness 3
    Style 4
    Smell 4
    Softness 4
    Durability 4
    Discreet 3
    Packaging 4
    Versatility 3
    Malleability 4
    Storage/Hiding 4
    Weight 3
    Overall Satisfaction 4
    Feels Really Good!

    The Flip Orb Strong Beaded Discreet Stroker is awesome! The beads inside make it feel like a unique experience every time. I would highly recommend this product to others!


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