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Bionic Electric Penis Pump Kit with Cylinder


There are penis pumps, and then there are PENIS PUMPS!  When your standard go-to hand pump simply isn't cutting it anymore, you know it is time to reach for a professional-grade penis pump.  A pump with features that will help you increase the firmness and size of your erection with minimal effort.  It is only then when you get to experience the amazing results penis pumps truly can help you achieve.  Things you didn't think were possible, within reason of course.


Bionic Electric Pump Kit with Penis Cylinder Features


  • High powered plugin 120-volt motor makes this one of the most powerful cock pumps on the market
  • Includes all hardware, cylinder, and tubing needed to pump right out of the box
  • The combination of all brass hardware and acrylic make this set up perfect to keep you going for years
  • Designed specifically for men with erectile dysfunction and other erection issues
  • Choose from any of the 4 included cock rings to keep your erections for longer
  • Helps create thicker and harder erections with improved sexual stamina
  • One-handed push-button control
  • Easy to use safety release valve


If you are not getting what you want out of your current pump or if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, the Bionic Electric Penis Pump with Pump Cylinder may just be what the doctor ordered, literally.  This fully automatic electric penis pump kit comes with everything you need for healthier and larger erections, right out of the box.  As soon as it arrives you can plug it in and to it!

The real magic comes from the power put out by the plug-in AC vacuum pump.  This bad boy uses 120 volts so you must plug it into the wall to get it going.  The internals of this motor are designed to put out the most power which converts to suction in the vacuum cylinder.  With such power, you get near-instant results, significantly faster than other pumps.  What that means is a thicker and harder erection, faster.

The erection-enhancing kit includes a crystal clear acrylic penis pump cylinder.  This cylinder is 9 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter which is the perfect size for most men.  The cylinder is handcrafted from the top quality acrylic which is designed to last a lifetime with proper care.  On top of the cylinder, you will find a professional grade brass fitting that connects the air gauge so you know the exact air pressure at any given time.  There is also a pull tab on the brass valve that is actually a quick release for safety purposes.

The included penis pump air gauge is designed to be used for precision pumping.  When suffering from ED and other sorts of erection issues, using exact pressure may be the difference between decent erections and life-changing erections. The gauge and cylinder connect to the main unit through 10 feet of medical-grade air hosing and npt fittings.

You cannot complete a penis enlargement kit without including several different cock rings. Each of the included rings has a unique way of constricting the blood flow in your erection, This is actually where your penis gets harder and firmer.  You will receive one leather cock ring with snaps as well as a set of 3 stretchy rings, each a different size.

Enjoy easy clean up with this maintenance-free stimulator sleeve, simply wash with your favorite sex toy cleaner before and after each use. Use tons of water-based lubricant for easy insertion.  As with all pumps, to maximize your efforts, pump with a premium silicone cock ring to keep the gains.


What's in the box
  • Advanced electric penis pump with 120 v AC power cord
  • 10 ft of medical-grade air hose
  • 3 soft and stretchy cock rings of different sizes
  • 1 Leather cock ring with chrome snaps
  • Product instructions and warranty card


Bionic Electric Penis Pump Size
  • Cylinder Length - 9.25'' (20.25 cm)
  • Cylinder Width - 2'' (6.25 cm)
  • Sleeve Width - 3'' (7.5 cm)
  • Weight 5.5 lbs

Note: This item uses US Voltage - 120V.  Please review the advanced directions  located here



Weight: 2495g

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