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Before you stands an incredible spectacle of textured pleasure! A thick and ribbed head begins this dominant display. Multiple curves converge to the tip and blossom throughout the head, bringing a sensational insert. Scale-like textures strewn throughout the shaft continue this pleasure filled journey, along with ribbed bends and curves to continuously change up the game. Orochi is a fantastic toy, especially for those looking to feel something truly unique with how many different textures throughout the shaft Orochi has. Because of this, some may find the sensations take a bit of time to get used to, but we ensure this will hit quite a unique feeling that you may never have known you needed to experience! Orochi will bring countless hours of unique pleasure and exploration, once you find an angle you want to explore just let him take the lead! Succumb to his dominating arousal, order Orochi the Kaiju today!

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