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Sit back, relax and get ready to warm up to Kelvin. The coolest dragon of the bunch, you'll find Kelvin's icy exterior will make you melt once you get to know its many pleasure-inducing features.

From its spade-shaped tip that gradually slips its way into any cave, to its tantalizing ridges that run along its gently curved shaft, get ready to shiver in anticipation at Kelvin's sensation-filled ride. Finishing you off with a thick, hearty bulge, you may find you can't help but howl after you've had your way with this one.

Perfectly suited for beginners through to more advanced pleasure-seekers, Kelvin is designed to hit every sweet spot, whether you're clawing for g-spot or p-spot stimulation. The only thing that makes Kelvin even more desirable is adding a suction cup to bring new dimensions to this unforgettable experience. Kelvin the Ice Dragon is a Bad Dragon Labs winner, designed by Finir and based off Raventhan's original character.

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