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Want to enjoy better sex? Your body stops producing certain regulatory chemicals as you get older, and if you're over 30 or if you live a sedentary lifestyle, you may need some extra help.

Fortunately, MD Science Labs' Herbal VIVA Super Sex Booster is specially formulated to improve energy levels while giving you more control over your sex life. These pills are packed with herbal ingredients and amino acids, chosen for their ability to enhance sexual function in a safe and effective way.

L-arginine helps you achieve and sustain powerful erections, while yohimbe, cnidium monnier, and maca act as natural aphrodisiacs. There's also taurine and Siberian ginseng for added energy. We're just scratching the surface here - Herbal VIVA is a powerful supplement, and when taken daily, it provides an incredible boost.

You can take one or two pills a day to see results. Allow a few weeks for full effect; Herbal VIVA Super Sex Booster is formulated to improve your body's natural processes, and it's an excellent way to put your sex drive into top gear.

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Weight: 172g

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