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Meet Spread Eagle Sally, your new girlfriend.  She is one tight pussy that will make you cum quickly!  This realistic male masturbator is a full 2.5 lbs of flesh that you can prop up and go to town on with out tiring out your arms.  When you want a sex toy that feels real there is no cutting corners and trust us when we tell you, no corners cut here with Sally!

Doc Johnson's Spread Eagle Sally is made with UR3, a proprietary material that feels almost exactly like real skin. It's antibacterial, waterproof, and immensely pleasurable. The anal and vaginal cavities are completely penetrable, and with help from your favorite water-based lube, they provide a lifelike experience. An internal set of ribs and nubs provides pleasurable stimulation with every thrust. The UR3 material can stretch to accommodate any guy, creating a tight fit for an incredible climax.

Spread Eagle Salley is painstakingly crafted with excellent attention to detail. Experiment with different positions - there's nothing that Sally can't do. Clean after every use with a mild soap, then dry thoroughly before storing.


  • Length - 5.25'' (13.3 cm)
  • Width - 5'' (12.7 cm)
  • Weight 2.5 pounds


  • UR3


Weight: 1134g

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