Sensuva ON Bold Orgasm Delay and Prolonging Gel Details

When you plan on going all night long, isn't it only fair to give your partner something extra as well?  You can give your partner a sweet minty treat thanks in part to Sensuva.  Sensuva is the manufacturer behind the prolonging cream On Bold Delay Gel with Benzocaine.

If you struggle to last in bed as long as you want, no matter if its 1 thrust and done or just a short minute-long performance, this gel will be your new best friend.  Formulated specifically to reduce hypersensitivity in a man's penis, 10 minutes after you rub this gel on your dick, you are ready to go all night long. If you are cumming long before your partner, On Bold Delay Gel is for you.  The thick gel is made with just the perfect amount of Benzocaine, a topical anesthetic commonly used by dentists. Benzocaine is completely safe to use! 

Let Bold absorb completely into your penis before jumping into bed, you don't want to cause your partner to go numb! Sensuva spiced up their award winning formula with a mild minty flavor in case oral is in your future.  Bold is latex friendly as well so feel free to practice safe sex with it.  Pair it with a prolonging condom to really go all night long.


Active Ingredient: Benzocaine 


Weight: 23g

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